Schreibe der EU-Wettbewerbskommissarin Margrethe Vestager!

I strongly urge you to reject the merger of Bayer and Monsanto.
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Dear Ms. Vestager,

in your role as EU Commissioner for Competition, I urge you to reject the merger between Bayer and Monsanto. The merger would make “BaySanto” the largest producer of seeds and pesticides in the world. I believe this concentration of market power in the agricultural sector to be dangerous – for our democracy and for our whole food system. Only a few corporations would then decide how we live, work and eat. The negative impacts of monopolistic agribusiness on people and the environment are already visible, especially in the countries of the Global South.

Small-scale farmers all over the world have shown that there are workable alternatives to huge agribusiness. Methods that are democratic, socially responsible, suited to local conditions and environmentally sound. These sound methods can better tackle hunger in the world, too!

Ms. Vestager, please stop the merger and promote environmentally sustainable and socially just farming that will guarantee the human right to food for all people.